Hello and Welcome...

...to my website!

My name is Micamone, but I have many others! Some I've had for a little bit longer, some for much less. You could also get away with calling me Simone, or Mal for instance... but I have in the past even respond to names that aren't mine yet have been called too many times, like Mica or Sonja. So I guess I'm not terribly picky.

This website is almost pretty much 100% for me. I'm doing it for my own amusement, to hoard things I like together like a magpie, and as practice to get into coding again. But hopefully you can find some cool stuff out of it while visiting!

I learned about Neocities through a post on Tumblr, and it reminded me of how much fun I used to have on Neopets with the pet pages you got to do whatever you wanted to (yeah, i never had a geocities...). It made me want to get back into it! In fact, I'll probably grab some stuff from there now that I think about it....
oh man when was the last time i logged onto neopets. . . .

This Site is still Wildly under construction,

if you couldn't tell.

A lot of the links aren't going to lead anywhere, and a lot of pages will be unfinished even if they do. I'll be doing my best to keep it patched, and interesting!
Also for some reason, new images aren't showing up when I link them. Weird. oh gods its because i switched the r and c in src. i'm so dumb.

If You wanna know a bit about each of the sections before you go there:
-The pet shrine is where I'm going to keep a record of all the pets my family and I have had. It'll be a timeline and scrapbook, a way for me to remember them.
-The scrapbook is going to be a bunch of pages meant to be a way to collect a bunch of fun things like quotes, photos i've taken, art i like, stuff like that... they'll be pages for things I love like different books and shows.
-The doll shelves is full of finished digital dolls i've collected from places.
-The Art Timeline will be a sort-of gallery, sort-of portfollio. I'll have art pieces I've made over the years and try to put them in orders that make sense for browsing.
-Freebies are stuff I've made spesifically, for people to use on their sites. I may make a collection of outside freebies with sources too...
-the projects page will be info on bigger stuff i've done/am doing
-I'm even gonna get in on making a blog with rss feed. cause i can.

the rest should make sense on their own.

To Do

* Home Page Functional, under construction
* Pet Pages
* Scrapbook pages
-main page
-individual pages
* galleries
-doll pages (in progress)
-art timeline
* blogs